How to Play Fortune Pai Gow Poker?

Fortune Pai Gow Poker

Fortune Pai Gow Poker is a variation of the popular pai gow poker game that adds an optional bonus element. The game is played with a 53-card deck, including a joker, and is played in a one-on-one style of players against the dealer.

The objective of Fortune Pai Gow Poker is to create the best possible poker hand using your seven cards. You will have two hands: a five-card hand and a two-card hand. Both of your hands must beat the corresponding poker hands of the dealer.

Hand Ranking

The hand ranking in Fortune Pai Gow Poker is the same as in standard poker, with the high hand being a royal flush and the low hand being a pair of deuces.


  1. Place your bets. Each player will make two bets: a regular Pai Gow Poker bet and an optional Fortune Bonus bet.
  2. Receive your cards. You will receive seven cards face down. The dealer will also receive seven cards face down.
  3. Set your hands. Your goal is to create the highest possible five-card hand and the next highest two-card hand. You can arrange your cards in any way that you like, as long as you have a five-card hand and a two-card hand.
  4. Turn your hands face up. The dealer will then turn their hands face up. You will compare your hands to the dealer’s hands.
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Winning and Losing

  • If both of your hands beat the dealer’s corresponding hands, you win even money on your Pai Gow Poker bet.
  • If only one of your hands beats the dealer’s hand, it is a push. You will get your original bet back.
  • If neither of your hands beats the dealer’s hands, you lose your Pai Gow Poker bet.

Fortune Bonus

If you placed an optional Fortune Bonus bet, the dealer will determine if your hand qualifies for any bonus payouts based on the Fortune pay table.

Envy Bonus

If at least one player has a four of a kind or higher, all players with Envy wagers win based on the Envy pay table.

Five percent commission

A 5% commission is charged on winning Pai Gow Poker bets.

Optional side bets

Some casinos offer optional side bets in Fortune Pai Gow Poker, such as a tie bet and an under/over bet.


  • Take your time when setting your hands. The more time you take, the better chance you have of making the best possible hands.
  • Be aware of the joker. The joker can be used as any card, which can make it a very valuable card.
  • Don’t be afraid to play a conservative strategy. It’s better to play a hand that you know you can win than to play a hand that you’re not sure about.