Is Mortal Kombat adding new characters?

Mortal Kombat new characters

Mortal Kombat game director and creator Ed Boon reveals the guest fighter he would most like to see featured in a future game.

Ed Boon Reveals His Dream Mortal Kombat Guest Fighter

Mortal Kombat creator and NetherRealm Studios head Ed Boon has revealed the guest fighter he would most like to see appear in one of the series’ future games. Mortal Kombat 11 launched in 2019, and while it’s still played by many to this day, others are anxious for a new entry in the long-running franchise. NetherRealm is working on some mysterious new project, and while it could be something else, there are rumors that the studio’s next game is none other than Mortal Kombat 12.

The head of NetherRealms Studios and the creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, is working on a new mystery project. Fans speculate that it would have to be Injustice 3 or Mortal Kombat 12, but fans will only be finding out in 2023, per Boon’s words. However, fans have been buzzing on the internet about the new list of guest fighters that will make their way on-screen if it does turn out to be another instalment in the Mortal Kombat game series. This tradition has been passed down with each new game added to the franchise, so it is only fair that this is expected within the latest game. Recently, in fact, Ed Boon revealed a fighter he has always dreamed of seeing on the Mortal Kombat guest roster to a fan on Twitter.

But what are the chances of this character actually appearing in-game?

Mortal Kombat: Every Guest Character Of The Series

  • Carl Weathers – Mortal Kombat X
  • John Rambo – Mortal Kombat 11
  • Kratos – Mortal Kombat (2011)
  • Leatherface – Mortal Kombat X
  • Freddy Krueger – Mortal Kombat (2011)
  • Predator – Mortal Kombat X
  • The Terminator – Mortal Kombat 11
  • The Joker – Mortal Kombat 11
  • Spawn – Mortal Kombat 11
  • Jason Voorhees – Mortal Kombat X
  • RoboCop – Mortal Kombat 11
  • Alien – Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat Director Reveals Dream Guest DLC Character

Mortal Kombat co-director and long-serving director Ed Boon has revealed his dream guest DLC character. DLC characters are a growing tradition for Mortal Kombat games. Sometimes these characters are just Mortal Kombat characters who didn’t make the initial roster cut of the base game, but other times they are characters from other franchises. With Mortal Kombat 11, this included the likes of Terminator and Robocop. According to Boon, he and his team all vote on DLC characters, though, as you would expect sometimes licensing issues thwart this democratic process. All of that said, if he could have one DLC character, it would be a character from a rival video game series.

List of Mortal Kombat characters

  • Scorpion
  • Liu Kang
  • Raiden
  • Kuai Liang
  • Shang Tsung
  • Johnny Cage
  • Goro
  • Sonya Blade
  • Kung Lao
  • Kano
  • Noob Saibot
  • Jax
  • Shao Kahn
  • Kronika
  • Mileena
  • Baraka
  • Kenshi
  • Cassie Cage
  • Ermac
  • Kabal
  • Geras
  • Kitana
  • Quan Chi
  • D’Vorah
  • Nightwolf
  • Mokap
  • Bo’ Rai Cho
  • Nitara
  • Great Kung Lao
  • Jacqui Briggs
  • Kotal Kahn
  • Reptile
  • Cetrion
  • Sindel
  • Geras
  • Ashrah
  • Fire God
  • Cyrax
  • Fujin
  • Skarlet
  • Jade
  • Smoke
  • Motaro
    Cole Young
  • Onaga
  • Drahmin
  • Captain Marvel
  • Stryker
  • Daegon
  • Shinnok

Mortal Kombat is an American media franchise centered on a series of video games originally developed by Midway Games in 1992.

The development of the first game was originally based on an idea that Ed Boon and John Tobias had of making a video game starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, but when that idea fell through, a science fantasy-themed fighting game was created instead. Still, the developers paid homage to him with Johnny Cage (one of the main characters in the franchise), a fictional film star whose personal style resembles Van Damme’s. The original Mortal Kombat was the first fighting game to introduce a secret fighter, reached if the player fulfilled a set of requirements.