Convicted Rapist and Lottery Scammer in the UK to Lose Home, Other Assets

lottery scammer

A convicted rapist and lottery scammer in the United Kingdom is set to lose his home and other assets, following a successful application by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Edward Putman, 54, was convicted in 2019 of rape and fraudulently claiming a £2.5m ($3.4m) lottery prize. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison and ordered to pay back £169,000 ($232,000) under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The Crown Prosecution Service has now successfully applied for a confiscation order, which means Putman will lose his home in Bromley, south London, as well as other assets including a Range Rover, a BMW, and a yacht.

Edward Putman had attempted to avoid the confiscation order by transferring ownership of his home to his sister. However, the court ruled that this was a fraudulent transfer and ordered the property to be sold.

In addition to the confiscation order, Edward Putman has been ordered to pay a further £277,000 ($380,000) in compensation to his victims.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the case demonstrated its determination to pursue criminals and ensure they do not benefit from their crimes.

“Putman’s criminal behavior had a devastating impact on his victims and he has now been brought to justice for his heinous crimes,” said Tom Blake, Head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s Proceeds of Crime Division.

“This case also shows our determination to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to recover the assets of criminals, ensuring they do not benefit from their crimes and their victims can receive the compensation they deserve.”

Putman’s case highlights the importance of the Proceeds of Crime Act in depriving criminals of the proceeds of their crimes, and the determination of law enforcement agencies to pursue those who seek to benefit from criminal activity.

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